Friday, September 02, 2005

Honey Pot Bear

Honey Pot Bear

Supply List:
14" Gift Bear #1602-82 1 pc.
Green Turtleneck Sweater #1631-15 - 1pc.
4" Terra Cotta Pot - 1pc.
4" Styrofoam Disc #01063 - 1pc.
1" Yellow Pompom #1129-34 - 8pcs.
3mm Black Chenille Stem #10421-90 - 8pcs.
Wood Glue Sticks #AD96214 - 1pkg.
Glue Gun
Wire Cutters
Black Paint Marker

1. Dress bear in sweater.

2. Insert Styrofoam disc into clay pot.

3. Write "HONEY" on clay pot with Black paint marker.

4. Glue clay pot to bear. Fill center of pot, muzzle, bear's paws and one ear with wood glue. See photo.

5. Bees: Wrap 3" piece of Black chenille stem around Yellow pompom. Cut a 2" piece of Black chenille stem and shape into wings. Glue wings and 1/2" Black pompom to bee's body. Glue one bee to bear's ear, second bee to bear's paw and third bee to honey in clay pot. Make 1 to 8 bees to accent the piece. See photo.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Peek-a-Boo Pumpkin

Supply List
4-1/2" Raffia Pumpkin #2834-64
(3 pcs.) 2-1/2" Black Pom Poms #10180-90
(1 pc.) 2-1/2" White Pom Pom #10180-10
(2 pcs.) 1" Black Pom Poms #1129-90
(2 pcs.) 1" White Pom Poms #1129-10
(4 pcs.) 15mm Black Chenille Stems #10428-90
(2 pcs.) 12mm Cat Eyes #51212/01
(1 pc.) 18mm Pink Animal Nose #51018/03
Hot Glue Gun
1. Hot glue one 2-1/2" black pom pom inside pumpkin.

2. BODY: Glue white 2 1/2" pom pom to front of second 2-1/2" black pom pom. Place double pom pom in top of pumpkin with white pom pom in front and hot glue in place.

3. HEAD: Using Fig. #1 as a guide attach 2 white 1" pom poms to center of last 2-1/2" black pom pom for cat's muzzle. Hot glue nose and eyes in place. Bend two chenille stems into triangle a shown in Fig. 2 for cat's ears. Hot glue head on top of body.

4. Attach two 1" black pom poms to front of pumpkin for cat's feet. Hot glue pumpkin lid to top of cat's head.

5. Twist two chenille stems together and fold in half for cat's tail. Tuck ends into top of pumpkin and hot glue in place.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

South Pole or Bust Penguin

Supply List
2-1/2" Styrofoam Ball #01005
6" Styrofoam #01022
3 yards Black Jumbo Loopy Chenille #10024-90
1 yard White Jumbo Loopy Chenille #10024-10
Two pieces 9mm Solid Black Eyes #51609
3" Wood Sign #9145-88
1-1/2" Wood Egg #9104-97
4" Wood Heart Plaque #9134-76
18" Piece 3/16" Dowel Rod #10206
9" x 12" Red Felt #10087-30
9" x 12" Forest Green Felt #10087-288
1 yard 3-Ply Jute
1/2" yard, 1/4" Red Satin Ribbon #2902-22
Holly Berry Pick #RC-1061
Floral Pins
White Fine Point Paint Marker
Hot Glue Gun, Old Toothbrush
Delta Paints:
Hunter Green #2471
Maple Sugar Tan #2062
Tomato Spice #2098

1. Cut dowel rod into three pieces; one 8" piece and two 5" pieces. Insert the two 5" pieces into the top of the styrofoam egg. Push styrofoam ball down onto dowel rod.

2. Wrap black jumbo loopy around contour of head and body. See Fig. 1. Continue wrapping loopy to fill in back of penguin body. Secure loopy to styrofoam with floral pins and hot glue. Cut two 10" pieces of black loopy. Fold in half and attach to each side of penguin for arms.

3. Fill in front of body and face with white loopy.

4. Basecoat large heart base and egg with Maple Sugar Tan. Using an old toothbrush, splatter egg and heart with Tomato Spice.

5. Hot glue penguin's body to heart base. See photo.

6. Position egg in center of face for penguin's beak. Hot glue eyes above beak. See photo.

7. Basecoat 8" piece of dowel rod and wood sign Hunter Green. Insert dowel rod in bottom of sign and hot glue in place. Sand outside edges of sign with sandpaper. Using white fine point paint marker, write "SOUTH POLE OR BUST" on sign. Wrap 1/4" red ribbon around dowel rod of sign. Fold penguin's arm around dowel rod to hold sign. Hot Glue in place.

8. BAG: Cut a 5" x 12" piece of Hunter Green felt. Fold in half and hot glue side seams together. Turn bag inside out. See Fig. 2. Wrap jute around center of bag and tie a small bow. Fold over top of bag. Make two handles for bag from jute. Bend arm and hang bag on arm.

9. HAT: Cut a 7" x 12" piece of red felt and fold in half lengthwise. See Fig. 3. Hot glue seam. Gather top together and secure with a small piece of jute. Cut slits in top of hat. See Fig. 4. Fold up bottom edge of hat and place on top of penguin's head. Add a small piece of holly to front of hat.

10. SCARF: Cut remaining red felt into two 1-1/2" x 12" strips of felt. Hot glue two pieces together to form scarf. See Fig. 5. Wrap scarf around penguin's neck.